Lisbon’s Odete embraces tragic uncertainty with club-ready aggression on the visceral score to natural disorder on ‘YUE’

, 12 March 2020

Odete is releasing EP Water Bender on London’s New Scenery on March 27, with preview track ‘YUE’ premiering on AQNB today. The Lisbon-based producer established her experimental club constructions in 2019 records Amarração and Matrafona

This track ascends into jarringly paranoid soundscapes. Obscured auto-tuned vocals subduct under a flurry of abrasive percussive buildups, hyperbolic screams, and sounds of natural disorder. The chaotic rhythms and terrifying samples sound off unrelentingly, evoking Isa Genzken and Total Freedom’s 2016 album Fuck Them All. Within the visceral cacophony that eventually settles in sounds of flowing water, Odete finds resolve in the uncertain. ‘YUE’ is undoubtedly a foreboding start to the artist’s latest opus.**

Odete’s Water Bender EP is out on London’s New Scenery March 27, 2020.