Laila Sakini’s ‘Procession’ presents a tableau vivant that’s suspended by the natural beauty of its epic, inspiring surroundings

, 27 February 2020

Laila Sakini is releasing LP Vivienne via Los Angeles’ Total Stasis on February 28, with a video for track ‘Procession’ premiering on AQNB today. The Melbourne-born London-based DJ, musician and producer released solo cassette mix via Purely Physical Teeny Tapes last year, as well as a very impressive EP of house-inspired ennui in a spoken word collaboration with poet Lucy Van called Figures in 2017.

This most recent solo record was written produced and recorded by Sakini in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, where titles like ‘The Mountain Effect’ and ‘Waiting For Felicity’ are less beat-driven and more sonically contemplative and poetic. The accompanying video for ‘Procession’ is directed by João Cruz and shot in the volcanic archipelago of Azores Islands and Punakaiki in New Zealand. People, birds and waves stagger, fly and crash backwards and forwards through time, following the track’s spare organ melodies and resonant piano keys. Together they stumble along an almost static tableaux of echo and delay, as well as the distant sound of a single human voice.**

Laila Sakini’s Vivienne LP is out via Los Angeles’ Total Stasis on February 28, 2020.