Ange Halliwell evokes pastoral memory & lucid dream melancholia with his futurist neo-classical ‘Summer Day & Autumn Day’

, 16 January 2020

Ange Halliwell releases album The Wheel of Time via Paris’ High Heal on January 19, with a music video for ‘Summer Day’ & ‘Autumn Day’ premiering on AQNB today. The French harpist and producer dropped a soaring EP melding neo-classical influences with euphoric post-trance on the Nova Era label in 2018.

Returning in 2020 with a concept driven full length album, Halliwell’s new release reflects the changing seasons, composed in Paris and recorded in his countryside home village. The Wheel of Time evokes this theme of memory with light-washed angelic synths and reverb drenched neo-classical harps, interspersed with features from the likes of Avril23, Malibu and more. 

Directed by Rémy Barreyat, the video mixes pastoral landscapes with suburbia and surreal portraits of the artist, giving texture to the lucid dream melancholia of Halliwell’s tracks.**

Ange Halliwell’s The Wheel of Time album is released via Paris’ High Heal on January 19, 2020.