Nick Malkin’s ‘Into The Light ’93’ contemplates the elegantly understated late night embers of a Los Angeles ambient noir

, 7 January 2020

Nick Malkin is releasing LP A Typical Night in the Pit on Columbus’ Soda Gong on January 17, with preview track ‘Into the Light ’93’ premiering on AQNB today. The Los Angeles-based musician and Post-Geography NTS radio show and label founder has worked with the likes of LA Vampires and Sun Araw, while releasing his debut solo album on Atlanta’s Geographic North in 2019.

This record is a MIDI-jazz ambient journey through the echo of hot and heaving reverberations that lurk in the flickering late night lights of a Los Angeles noir. As part of a series of nine atmospheric movements of a greater, though still elegantly understated whole, ‘Into the Light ’93’ quietly ambles on an inquisitive double-bass line contribution from London-based producer and musician Maxwell Sterling. Recurring synth swells are occasionally interjected by a twinkling organ key and distant, indecipherable chatter. **

Nick Malkin’s A Typical Night in the Pit album is out on on Columbus’ Soda Gong on January 17, 2020.