Casey MQ soars into a new identity in the midst of a fantasy open air rave in the trance-referencing ‘Wings Are Growing’

, 24 October 2019

Casey MQ self-released single ‘Wings Are Growing’ on October 23, with a music video premiering on AQNB today. The Toronto-based, classically trained musician and producer working within ambient, club, soul and pop dropped a collaborative EP with oklou in 2017, and a solo record with Berlin’s Creamcake label last year.

Featuring the title track, as well as a b-side called ‘babycasey’, the EP follows a trajectory of lostness and self-discovery, from the heavy, distorted kick and ecstatic trance elements of ‘Wings Are Growing’, to the minute-long atmospheric outro of ‘babycasey’. The ‘Wings Are Growing’ music video is directed and edited by Casey himself, and features the artist’s split identities stalking the forest and dancing in a fantastical conception of an open air rave.**

Casey MQ’s ‘Wings Are Growing’ single was self-released on October 24, 2019.