Philip Ullman & Carl Herner share a love poem to the cloud as ‘Forever in Your Arms’ explores memory, loss & accumulation

, 19 September 2019

Philip Ullman & Carl Herner self-release video ‘Forever in Your Arms’, with music by My Sword, premiering on AQNB today. Based in Amsterdam and Stockholm respectively, the artist and designer explore memory, loss and accumulation, through a CGI rendering of what data storage really looks like.

The video resembles the work of Rosa Aiello, whose 2014 video ‘First Person Leaky‘ featured a 3D cursor hand wandering the bare surroundings of a room with modern fittings as the perspective goes in and out of focus. The soundtrack of ‘Forever in Your Arms’ is different though, as is the mise en scène and foundational concept, where Ullman recites a “love poem to the cloud”, inspired by a Reddit thread of a father asking how best to back up the memory of his late wife so his daughter could see her in the future. The animation is a disorienting trip that’s heightened by the drama of My Sword’s music, as Ullman reads: “will you ever die/ more than you are dead now?”

Philip Ullman & Carl Herner’s ‘Forever in Your Arms’, sountracked by My Sword, is out on September 19, 2019.