Patience is a virtue when waiting for Fabulous Diamonds’ timeless sound & detached melancholy in ‘Forever Turned’

, 16 September 2019

Fabulous Diamonds is releasing album Plains Songs on London’s Alter on September 20, with preview track ‘Forever Turned’ premiering on AQNB today. The record by the Melbourne-based duo, consisting Jarrod Zlatic and Nisa Venerosa, has been seven years in the making, with their previous Commercial Music getting a release on Chapter Music in 2012.

Early recordings avoided EP and album titles, beyond the band name and track numbers that accommodated the stripped-back and hypnotic combination of Zlatic’s synths with Venerosa’s raw drumming style and haunting vocals. This new LP carries a similar theme of restraint and self-possession—become increasingly uncommon in contemporary music—by virtue of the Plain Songs title, as well as the unhurried pace and narcotic repetition of its seven extended tracks. Following recent drop, ‘GBH‘, ‘Forever Turned’ skulks in a kind of hypnagogic stupor, where layered vocals and interlocking organ melodies evoke a sense of deep melancholy and dissociation.**

Fabulous Diamonds’s Plains Songs album is out on London’s Alter on September 20, 2019.