Degraded dance & rave for our contemporary society of spectacle & excess in xin’s ‘Spent, Wasted and Saved (ft. AYA)’

, 13 September 2019

xin is releasing album Melts Into Love on Berlin’s Subtext Recordings on September 19, with preview track ‘Spent, Wasted and Saved (ft. AYA)’ premiering on AQNB today. The Berlin-based producer dropped an EP To Shock the Sky and Shake the Earth on the James Ginzburg-run label last year, drawing on a warped and indefinable assemblage of noise and bass elements.

This LP takes on hardcore, dubstep, and dark drum n bass subgenre, neurofunk, to present a series of visceral sound environments that travel the depths of failure and imperfection. Tracks like ‘Ffantom Contendt’, ‘Crrrash!’ and ‘Myopia’ conjure what the press release calls “new affinities, anxieties and ecstasies in an age of noise, spectacle and inundation”. ‘Spent, Wasted and Saved (ft. AYA)’ offers a brief reprieve from the sonic overload, with its coarse atmospherics and scratchy static slowly growing into a rapturous, though still degraded trance buildup that never quite reaches its peak.**

xin’s Melts Into Love album is out on Berlin’s Subtext Recordings on September 19, 2019.