Mourning the irreparable fractures caused by the loss of a loved one in the grieving noise pop of Thegn’s ‘I Heard Your Voice ft. Dis Fig’

, 4 September 2019

Thegn is releasing album Loss via Hong Kong’s Absurd Trax on September 13, with preview track ‘I Heard Your Voice ft. Dis Fig‘ premiering on AQNB today. The Vancouver and Osaka-based producer has self-released a number of EPs since 2017, all featuring distorted anxiety-ridden lyrics immersed in a current of noise-oriented experimental techno.

This most recent album features nine tracks with titles like ‘Loneliness’, ‘That Sinking Feeling’ and ‘Depression Is A Routine’, exploring fractures and grief of losing a loved one. Thick layers of distortion and feedback hover over oddly melodic synth lines that echo the 90s and 00s shoegaze and noise pop of the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain and, later, Pink Reason. Thegn’s is a dance music take on the this lo-fi punk aesthetic though, with Berlin’s Dis Fig featuring on the heavy beats and crunchy bass of the decidedly post-industrial core of ‘I Heard Your Voice’.**

Thegn’s Loss album is via Hong Kong’s Absurd Trax on September 13, 2019.