Chants draws on big band beats & post-club aesthetics for the marimba-led movement of ‘Burned All the Way Down’

, 16 August 2019

Chants (aka Jordan Cohen) is releasing album Seven Spheres via Los Angeles’ Astral Plane Recordings on August 23, with preview track ‘Burned All the Way Down’ premiering via AQNB today. The Madison-based producer and percussionist has released three EPs on the Californian label, including last year’s Carious Motion, which also featured Qween Beat artist BE3K.

The album is recorded largely at home with friends, and draws on Cohen’s experience within the big band tradition, focussing on rhythm. It’s with that in mind that tracks like ‘Assiah Dance’, ‘Muzzoline’ and ‘Filament’ focus on the clicks and clacks of a second line beat, while also incorporating more contemporary sub bass and kicks from the dancefloor. Ultimately, the music is pure function. Featured track ‘Burned All The Way Down’ follows an elated post-club sound palette led by a percussive marimba melody, while remaining firmly movement-oriented throughout.**

Chants’s Burned All the Way Down album is out via Los Angeles’ Astral Plane Recordings on August 23, 2019.