Airon Kolarow’s ‘JOLA’ launches a first solo release from Berlin’s Oxyorange with its globalised dancehall riddims

, 2 August 2019

Airon Kolarow is releasing EP Haul via Berlin/Heidelberg’s Oxyorange on August 9, with preview track ‘JOLA’ premiering on AQNB today. The Berlin-based producer is also founder of the label, which has released three compilations featuring the likes of DJ Heroin, El Plvybxy, Shayu & Ytem, and Avbvrn, since launching in 2017.

The record features five tracks with titles like ‘PLIK’ and ‘SHEL’ that circle crisp dembow rhythms and minimal, cyclic synth melodies. Another two—namely ‘LUGE’ and ‘PERM’—feature more introspective atmospherics of the less beat-oriented variety, while featured track ‘JOLA’ (which includes a video here) is the more industrial piece of Haul. Here a rising sweep buttresses winding keys, crashing cymbals and epic sine waves that follow the always hypnotic motion of its globalized dancehall rhythm.**

Airon Kolarow’s ‘Haul’ EP is out via Berlin/Heidelberg’s Oxyorange on August 9, 2019.