J. Ka Ching’s cultural hybrid of country cloud rap & Chinese guzheng is accompanied by Aya Avalon’s video for ‘Skid Swan Song’

, 1 August 2019

J. Ka Ching (aka Jevon Voon) is releasing album Another Vanishing City via Quantum Natives on August 5, with a video for track ‘Skid Swan Song’ premiering on AQNB today. The Montreal-based artist produces music that they describe as a “cultural hybrid”, where peculiar stylistic references to barbershop harmonies, rock guitar and country pop melodies appear alongside quick-cut club sampling and Chinese guzheng instrumentals.

The approach to the record’s chaotic structure, as well as its pitched vocals and turbulent track compositions is reminiscent of PC Music and its musical adherents. That’s particularly where standout track “Yearning 4 the Ideal” vacillates through a mangled and boot scooting cloud rap number and ‘plurrRealityz, Tio’tia:ke’ cuts, glitches and speeds through its own hard-to-hold on to samples. Meanwhile, ‘Skid Swan Song’ is one of Another Vanishing City‘s shortest tracks, where its melodic steel drum simulations, sine waves and breathy femme vocals come accompanied by Aya Avalon‘s bas-relief textures of a Chinese landscape flashing black and white.**

J. Ka Ching’s Another Vanishing City album via Quantum Natives on August 5, 2019.