Bunny Hoova’s lo-fi pop & broken-down soul reflects on the connection between consumerism & animal cruelty in ‘Lazy_Easy’

, 18 July 2019

Bunny Hoova is releasing album Longing via Preston’s Them There Records on July 26, with preview track ‘Lazy_Easy’ premiering on AQNB today. The Rotterdam-born, Manchester-based musician produces the kind of garage-influenced avant-pop and broken-down soul similar to artists like Micachu and Tirzah, whom she’s also supported on stage.

The record follows similar themes that the aforementioned London-based artists deal in also, with denial and desire being major topics permeating the wobbly and emotional production of degraded sample loops, instrumentals and sideways vocals. ‘Lazy_Easy’, meanwhile, is a jangling reflection on consumerism and animal cruelty that seesaws over a lusciously unstable jumble of rhythm guitar, beats and percussion that is perfectly lo-fi in its execution.**

Bunny Hoova’s ‘Longing’ album is out via Preston’s Them There Records on July 26, 2019.