Jacob Samuel joins the current of the hardcore continuum with memories of music he thought existed but never did on ‘Intimacy’

, 12 July 2019

Jacob Samuel is releasing EP Maximes 2 via Tallinn’s Serious Serious on July 24, with preview track ‘Intimacy’ premiering on AQNB today. The London-based producer and Curl affiliate picks up where artists and labels like Mark Leckey and The Death of Rave left off, by exploring his own connection to Northern England’s hardcore scene.

The EP—named after the iconic Manchester nightclub Wigan—is equal parts chaotic and atmospheric. Tracks like ‘Interlude’, ‘Masters’ and ‘Last Waltz’ chop and flow through the dreamy echoes of looping samples of pianos, pop recordings and pitched vocals, alongside oscillators, sine waves and sweeps. ‘Intimacy’ combines the intense kicks and synthesised bass lines of hardcore with the crumbling ambient soundscapes of something distant and otherworldly. Its effect is one of half-remembered sounds from the shows and CD-Rs of Samuel’s youth, or as he describes it, “memories of music I thought existed but never did.”**

Jacob Samuel’s Maximes 2 EP is out via Tallinn’s Serious Serious on July 24, 2019.

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