Turkish producer Jtamul portrays the escapist dream of a “solarpunk fairy princette” in the delicate current of ‘Tsiqvi’

, 4 July 2019

Jtamul released EP Lubini via London’s Objects Limited on May 31, with a music video for track ‘Tsiqvi’ premiering on AQNB today. The 21-year-old producer and linguistics student applies a sample-heavy noise and ambient aesthetic to themes of solitude, fantasy and escape, inspired by their experience growing up in the woods of North-East Turkey.

Language is a core theme in the five tracks on the record, which takes its main title from the word for queer person in the secret slang of ‘Lubunca’, used by the LGBTQ community in Turkey. Throaty vocal samples and a delicate current of synth lines carry ‘Tsiqvi’, with its accompanying video that glows with a soft focus lens. It runs over the tools, ornaments and accessories of an intricately constructed persona that Jtamul describes as a “solarpunk fairy princette”.**

Jtamul’s Lubini EP was released via London’s Objects Limited on May 31, 2019.