Toxic relationships & less-than-ideal love in the futuristic reggaeton of Shiroi Kitsune’s ‘Come On feat. Highkili’

, 2 May 2019

Shiroi Kitsune self-released EP Traición on February 4, with a follow-up bonus track ‘Come On’ premiering today. The output of the Madrid-based producer and self-identified ‘digital avatar’ shares similarities with the futuristic reggaeton of the likes of Catalan performer Bad Gyal and Chilean Cherish Label artist Princess Prada.

The EP proper follows the linear narrative of a romantic relationship become toxic, with tracks like ‘Control’, ‘Sueño’ and ‘Ausente Riddim’ swaggering through the several stages of a doomed relationship. Its stylistic influences cross reggaeton, dancehall and cumbia, while featuring vocals from a number of Spanish-speaking emcees. ‘Come On’ has Gran Canaria-based performer Highkili singing over the track’s hard drums and dembow rhythm that support this typically slick and seductive sound from the Americas.**

Shiroi Kitsune self-released their Traición EP on February 4, 2019.