Lucy Cliché contributes ‘Ladies Pool’ to Sydney label Body Promise’s mutant dance music from the Australian DIY underground

, 8 March 2019

The Smooth Sensation compilation album is being released via Sydney’s Body Promise on March 15, with a preview of Lucy Cliché (aka Lucy Phelan)’s ‘Ladies Pool’ premiering on AQNB today. The track is part of the third and final instalment of a series that includes 2017’s Fantastic Effects and 2016’s Harmony From A Dominant Hue, this time in tape format and featuring other artists including Emily Glass, Andy GarveyLow Flung and Holy Balm’s DJ Yoni, among others

Otherwise known as vocalist for no wave band Naked on the Vague, Phelan’s highly collaborative approach to music-making follows a classic trajectory from noise-oriented experimental punk releases on seminal labels like Siltbreeze and Sacred Bones to this more minimal acid electro solo output. In ‘Ladies Pool’, a wonky square wave and insistent kick pushes into a sliding grid of funky, distorted beats, lilting organ melodies and heavily filtered moans.**  

The Smooth Sensation compilation album is out via Sydney’s Body Promise on March 15, 2019.