“You fucked it up.” S POUSETTE delivers a break up message from the margins in her melancholy epic ‘I Don’t Need U’

, 1 February 2019

S POUSETTE (aka Sofi Pousette) is releasing EP 2U on Stockholm’s Cherish Label on February 14, with preview track ‘I Don’t Need U’ premiering on AQNB today. The Sandviken-born producer, instrumentalist, songwriter and DJ creates cinematic soundscapes with pitched vocals that are also informed by drum n bass.

Pousette dedicates 2U to the LGBTQIA community, describing it as a challenge to heteronormativity and a way to give back. Featuring tracks like ‘I Slept With You All Night Long’, ‘Roses’ and ‘You May Love Someone’, the record is an orchestral electro-epic that’s swelling with emotion. ‘I Don’t Need You’ resembles the folk rock, psychedelia and baroque pop of the likes of Fleet Foxes, The Walkmen or Grizzly Bear, as well as the wobbly and affected Auto-Tune of Slow Wave (fka S W). An important distinction, however is in Pousette’s self-defined ‘queer music’, where the pattering guitar lines, growling bass distortion and plodding drums support song lyrics concerned with heartbreak on the margins.** 

S POUSETTE’s 2U EP is out via Stockholm’s Cherish Label on February 14, 2019.