r hunter combines spectral electronic music & contemporary club to form a breathless sense of calm in confusion on ‘Vienna Residue’

, 25 January 2019

r hunter is releasing EP rrrrrrafael via Prague’s Genot Centre on January 29, with preview track ‘Vienna Residue’ premiering on AQNB today. The music on the record exists somewhere between abstract spectral electronica and contemporary club forms, with atmospheric elements that lift the tactile compositions through space.

The record features track titles like ‘Chlorine Bomb’, ‘Diptych of Imprinted Textures’ and ‘Intonamour’, each evoking a sense of digital recreations of biological processes and chemical reactions. On ‘Vienna Residue’, a feminine voice and whispered textures interact with glitched sequences, rising synth tones and unearthly samples of a distant bowed string instrument, that are together consistently clipped, cut and condensed into a state of calm and breathy bewilderment.**

r hunter’s rrrrrrafael EP is out via Prague’s Genot Centre on January 29, 2019.