Brisbane’s Ditchdog echoes into an abyss of slow drones & indecipherability for ‘This One Won’t Do’ out on Intruder Alert

, 14 December 2018

Ditchdog’s Done EP is out via Warsaw’s Intruder Alert on December 17, with a preview of ‘This One Won’t Do’ premiering on AQNB today. The Brisbane-based singer and producer’s resonant melt of vocal drones and drum patches follows previous releases by B.yhzz and N K L OW on the Polish label.

The style is reminiscent of music by artists like New York’s Pharmakon and early material by Melbourne’s Fabulous Diamonds, while the track-titles like ‘A Heap on the Floor’, ‘Dirty Dungeon’ and ‘Nothing Here’ point to the unworldly nature of the sound. On ‘This One Won’t Do’, a cyclic creaking keeps time as Ditchdog’s ethereal moans echo into an abyss of indecipherability.**  

Ditchdog’s Done EP is out via Warsaw’s Intruder Alert on December 17, 2018.