“There’s no better time to exploit an oral fixation.” New poetry by Gabby Bess

, 10 December 2018

Ghost Love

Gabby Bess. Image courtesy the artist.

My tarot said I was going

From the sun to the moon!

I’m like that little lobster!

Crawling around stupidly!

Palpating the situation!

Doing a business deal

With the dog and the wolf!

A famous one!

That no one can see!

Yes, revenge would be nice

I love having enemies…

My hatred and my enemies

Accessorize like the perfect choker!

Enemies have to be just right

Or else you’re an asshole

I’m a Virgo I would know about details!

I’m a woman I would know about rightness!

‘Cause I’ve been wronged

Ha ha yeah right

I’m just crawling willy nilly

Doing this thing          that

In the reflected non-light

I’m so so tired

I feel bad bad bad

I heard go slow           as ghost love

I heard calm           as cum

Ambiguity           humiliates me

Gabby Bess. Image courtesy the artist.




Now that genital sex is trending downward

There’s no better time to exploit an oral fixation

I fed her a golden dildo

A spoonful of jelly

We licked glass and plastic

Porcelain figurines

Sometimes people forget there’s possibility

In a relic of coupling from the 70s

She saw me press my nipples against the divider—

Between the heart-shaped pool and the living room—

Phantoms milled           She tongued the gap

When I put my toes in her mouth

I used her phone to film since it has the Lumee


Someone offered to buy the full-length when no longer unemployed

When I adorned the stem of her drink with a wine charm

I felt we redefined the suburban trinket

It sparkled and gushed out

Gabby Bess. Image courtesy the artist.




The site of the domestic, demented into a strip club

Where stuffed animals are the only audience

Plush patrons with their Chanels out, dropping money

Down my bodysuit like it’s nothing

After after hours           slow dust           face down

Twerking softly into faux lamb as we rest but not sleep

We chant gay bitch on the pole, and miraculously the gay bitch rises

Rachel is still dressed like the porn star who married Jeff Koons

And ran for Italian parliament

I took my wig off for comfort then put it back on for fashion

There’s a chicken on Celeste

She’s laughing into purple

This is poultry perfectly in the G-string

Except the swan gets jealous

Now we are negotiating limits in a fantasy

I call a meeting: The chicken tells me she is an ass woman

Ok so, the swan gets the pussy

And we get the Genius Award for lesbians

In an extra-dimensional, objectum sexual configuration

Maybe next time we could go on our backs

Moving the double-ended dildo between us

Like a two-person saw over wood

While someone directs, with the chicken

And someone’s in a fur coat

We could incorporate the octopus more

I’m riding a strap-on

I’m gagging a strap-on

Moving ungracefully           earnestly

Through a human centipede**



Gabby Bess is a writer who lives in New York. Twitter @seemstween. Venmo @gabbybess.