Honami Higuchi finds catharsis from traumatic experiences in the body-performance of Torque as Mira with Raphael Leray

, 6 December 2018

Mira is releasing the Torque soundtrack and film DVD on Vienna’s Amen Records on December 21, with the trailer for the 20-minute short movie premiering on AQNB today.  The Tokyo-based unit includes dancer Honami Higuchi and producer Raphael Leray, who first presented the work as a one-hour performance at Yokohama’s TPAM fringe festival.

Live performance footage is intercut with other moving image, following an audio-visual narrative of alone-ness and alienation around Honami’s personal story of survival around sexual abuse and her subsequent entry into the sex industry. The largely ambient music echoes through shots of the artist’s body being surrounded by either darkness or the light of a city at night, while at other times she’s enveloped by disembodied hands or materials that seem to suffocate her.**

Mira’s Torque DVD is out via Vienna’s Amen Records on December 21, 2018.