Makeda’s ‘Me, First’ traces the colonial histories of Australia & the UK through her own faded ties to an unfamiliar Afro-Caribbean heritage

, 29 November 2018

Makeda is releasing EP Lifetrap on Melbourne’s Nice Music early next year, with a preview of lead single ‘Me, First’ premiering via AQNB today. The Melbourne-based producer, musician and DJ has performed alongside the like of Klein and Elysia Crampton, while collaborating on the J’Ouvert performance project named after the Trinidad street festival.

The four-track EP explores the colonial histories of Australia and the UK through Makeda’s personal relationship to her own London-via-Trinidadian heritage. Connecting to said identity via the drum n bass and hardstyle selections of the seminal Reinforced Records label, her relationship to an unfamiliar lineage comes through in the cavernous sound design of ‘Me, First’. A deep low end and submerged sine tone opens up and envelopes the break beats and percussive samples that are slowed down and reversed, alienated and alone.**

Makeda’s Lifetrap EP is out via Melbourne’s Nice Music in early 2019.