Lol K’s distorted saxophone plunges into the recesses of bass & garage with a video for Born Under a Bad One featuring Rowdy SS

, 22 November 2018

Lol K released their Born Under a Bad One EP via London’s Curl on October 31, with an accompanying video premiering on AQNB today. For the recording, saxophonist Chris Calderwood and producer junior xl present a romantic agglomeration of lethargic muted beats and bulging atmospherics that have been embellished by a twisted and wailing saxophone.

Split into four tracks called ‘Wrong & Strong’, ‘Moon Project’, ‘Regularr’ and ‘Tbilisi’, the 16-plus sound piece runs unbroken for the video, which follows artist Rowdy SS while moving across the rooms of a stripped-back building — steady, masked and jolting. Pitched brass, piano and bass elements meet the anatomized soundscapes excavated from the recesses of trap and garage.**

Lol K’s Born Under a Bad One EP was released via London’s Curl Recordings on October 31, 2018.