Shanghai’s Osheyack contravenes an unscripted order in the sadistic voyeurism of the Sadomodernism album & ‘Bordertown’ video

, 27 September 2018

Osheyack released his Sadomodernism album on the UAE’s Bedouin Records on September 7, with the music video for ‘Bordertown’ premiering via AQNB today. The Shanghai-based American producer deals in punk, no wave and industrial music, while collaborating with artists, choreographers, filmmakers and fashion designers.

Osheyack himself appears in the video directed by Dre Romero, where he appears as a silhouette in fragments for the album’s closing track. The insistent, distorted bass line and frenetic hand drum sequences of ‘Bordertown’ comes accompanied by the flashing various imagery: hands and other limbs, the occasional torso and, rarely, Osheyack’s own face.**    

Osheyack’s Sadomodernism is out via the UAE’s Bedouin Records on September 7, 2018.