Edge Slayer contemplates a subtle fear of the dark in the bounce & vogue-inspired noise of ‘Rachet Weave I Believe’

, 7 September 2018

Edge Slayer is releasing a self-titled EP via Brighton’s Objects Limited on September 21, with preview track ‘Rachet Weave I Believe’ premiering via AQNB today. The LA-based multimedia artist and producer worked in creating parties for black trans women called Séancé in New Orleans, while producing her own music, inspired by vogue and bounce, as well as noise and ambient. 

The outcome is the a four-track EP ruminating on some of the issues Edge Slayer faces in warped and pitched-down melts of bass and dissonance. Along with other song titles like ‘More Femme’ and ‘No Safe Space’ the record explores “subtle feeling of fear that comes on with its descent into darkness”. Meanwhile, ‘Rachet Weave I Believe’ is a short and purely instrumental stumble through delayed and layered synth waves that are led by stuttering and erratic drum syncopations.**     

Edge Slayer’s self-titled EP is out via Brighton’s Objects Limited on September 21, 2018.