Candie’s ‘Sirena’ feeds on the fantastic by making emotional music from the myths & legends of the collective imaginary

, 6 September 2018

Candie (aka Milagros Castillo) is releasing EP Mitologik y _pagana via Buenos Aires’ TRRUENO on September 9, with preview track ‘Sirena’ premiering via AQNB today. A member of the aforementioned audiovisual group and laboratory, Candie is a multimedia project working with installations, video art, music production and creative programming.

The EP features five tracks based on a number of myths and legends from both global and local lore, including Greek mermaids and Guaraní Pombero. The goal is to challenge the limits of logic and rationality through a collective imaginary that’s understood through the language of emotion. ‘Sirena’ generates a disorienting cross-sensory state in an exhilarating waddle through discrete sonic elements of high-pitched synths and crisp chimes. Something that sounds like the call of whales or dolphins is immersed in a deep sea ambience that almost feels cool like the water it mimics.**

Candie’s Mitologik y _pagana EP is out via Buenos Aires’ TRRUENO label on September 9, 2018.