Employment & ambition in the age of the networked organism for the Content Prole: ‘What’s a career?’ panel at Montez Press Radio

, 9 August 2018

The AQNB presents Content Prole: ‘What’s a career?’ live panel is on at New York’s Mathew Gallery on August 11, 7pm to 9pm.

Happening as part of the Montez Press Radio summer residency program, which runs July 19 to August 19, the event features artists, writers and an actor who critically engage with or simply survive in an employment environment where technologies and social networks rule. It follows a series produced by AQNB in collaboration with writer-producer Matthew O’Shannessy called Content Prole: A journey into the depths of the online gig economy. The radio shows feature personal accounts of the anonymous content production jobs writers and creatives do to get by, raising questions about the viability of their chosen occupations today.

Panelists include New York-based writer Al Bedell whose first novel — a book of erotic fiction called I Would Do Anything for Love —  presents insights into the complexities of contemporary relationships, intimacy and sex. Her second novel is based on her experiences delivering weed under an alias to supplement her income. Minsk-born, New York-based actor Dasha Nekrasova (aka ‘Sailor Socialism‘) co-presents the popular Red Scare cultural commentary podcast with writer and illustrator Anna Khachiyan, funded by the Patreon subscription content service.

Meanwhile, Seoul-born Cheon Pyo Lee‘s Alibi of Autonomy: Proof of an Art Practitioner’s Life is a book of short stories outsourced to writers who developed narratives around the New York-based artist using residency receipts as a reference, and Berlin-based Czech artist Martin Kohout‘s recent Night Shifts project explores the physical and psychological toll of nocturnal shift work and its associated sleep disorders.

See the FB event page for details.**