Deeven creates the sound of the matrix-god creating simulated realities in Parametrix released on Mexico City’s DNTFCK label

, 21 July 2018

Deveen releases his Parametrix EP via Mexico City’s DNTFCK on July 21, with a preview of the title-track premiering on AQNB today. The French-Congolese producer has a synesthesia, where sounds and images are inseparable, and so used a special cinematic audio treatment in order to evoke this multisensory element in the music. 

Along with the lead single, the EP features remixes of “Parametrix” by a number of like-minded and emerging producers from around the world, including Pájaro Sin Alas, Zurvolt, Bilej Kluk and Kelvin T. Deveen’s version, meanwhile, presents this cinematic ‘post-club’ composition as a conceptual journey into a future where the possibilities of life and technology are still abundant. It opens with cosmic ambience before exploding into layers of heavily processed vocals, modulated synth sequences and rapid beats that sound like gun shots.**

Deveen’s Parametrix EP is out via Mexico City’s DNTFCK on July 21, 2018.