Kareem Lotfy goes back to Cairo & discovers the spaces in between as he regains balance as an artist-come-producer in ‘Equilibrium’

, 29 June 2018

Kareem Lotfy is releasing cassette QTT10 via New York’s Quiet Time on July 29, by sharing ‘Equilibrium’ via AQNB today. The Berlin-based producer started out studying painting in Alexandria before running the gamut of an emergent visual art career in Amsterdam then arriving at music.

Most recently, the Egyptian producer made headlines when PAN director Bill Kouligas alleged Kanye West used a sample of Lotfy’s ‘Fr3sh’ from last year’s Mono Non Aware compilation without permission. The jury’s out on that but the the music of the release is equally narcotic as that track. In it, Lotfy goes back to his roots and draws on a scene that seems suspended in time, untouched by trends and the music of QTT10 reflects that. ‘Equilibrium’ sounds like the title implies, where gentle ambient and water samples lap up against a ripple of warm synths.** 

Kareem Lotfy’s QTT10 is out via New York’s Quiet Time on July 29, 2018.