Shattered Form replicates hysterical paramnesia in the sound of feeling like an alien in a foreign land for No Birds Were In The Sky

, 15 June 2018

Shattered Form (aka Keita Sekihara)’s No Birds Were In The Sky EP out via Vienna’s Amen Records, premiering on AQNB today. The 22-year-old Tokyo-born producer reflects on the feeling of being a foreigner during his travels before settling in Copenhagen.

Using samples, spoken word and his own compositions, Sekihara’s record is an epic journey through the linked physical and psychological states that afflict a traveller when moving between spaces and the feelings of “uncertainty, displacement and alienation” that come with it. Tracks with titles like ‘Expanding Realm’, ‘As I Breathed I Forgot Who I Was’ and ‘No Birds Were in the Sky’ oscillate between moments of noise and freneticism; deep calm and peace. It’s a textured and carefully assembled take on the memories constructed and confabulated from the fragments we leave behind.** 

Shattered Form’s No Birds Were In The Sky EP is out on Vienna’s Amen Records on June 15, 2018.