Lucaufer’s Tobago Tracks EP1 release transits liminal space while in the breathless embrace of Angoisse singer yma

, 31 May 2018

Lucaufer’s EP1 is being released via London’s Tobago Tracks on June 8, with a preview of ‘Pupa’ premiering on AQNB today. The London-based producer was most recently featured on a compilation by fledgling label and events organisers SLOW DANCE, while their debut record comes as three tracks with Arcadian titles, including ‘White Spirit’ and ‘Ciel.’

‘Pupa,’ meanwhile, is carried on the gust of Angoisse artist and recent signing yma‘s whispering vocals, where a jumbled harp underpins the sound of a plane taking off into a cloud of extraneous crackle and atmospherics that inhale. The track somehow finds peace above the chaos, where lost melodies and wandering harmonics await a looming change.**  

Lucaufer’s EP1 is out via London’s Tobago Tracks on June 8, 2018.