City premieres a music video for ‘Shame Dagger,’ directed by fellow producer Eaves, where uncanny & unearthly computer beings rule

, 24 May 2018

City (akaWill Ballantyne) premieres a music video directed by Heinrich Farin (aka Eaves) for the ‘Shame Dagger’ track from his latest EP Skeleton, premiered on AQNB today. The record is self-released by the Vancouver-based producer, and features four tracks of synthetic sound design with titles like ‘Brutalist’ and ‘Rockeater’ bouncing through an ambient setting of future-facing distortions. 

The video for ‘Shame Dagger,’ meanwhile, is a CGI rendering of an underwater world of human-made infrastructure inhabited by nearly, but not quite anthropomorphised forms that look like plastic. There are four of these characters in the video, each with their own names and roles  — Kintsugi, the Hyperobject Dealer, the Freefaller and the Dark Ecologist  —  who are trapped in what the artists call “an uncanny and unearthly graffitied personification of the computer.”**

City’s Skeleton EP was self-released on April 6, 2018.