Arad proposes a vision for the deep space waste of humans as the bacterial colonies of our interstellar future

, 18 May 2018

Arad (aka Dara Smith of Lakker) premieres a video for the ‘We Are Bacteria Sent Out Into Space’ track from The Glimpse EP via AQNB today. The release on UAE’s Bedouin Records features cover art by avatar artist and curator Laturbo Avedon and six tracks of eerie electronica haunted by the polluted data streams and deep space waste of a self-destructive  civilisation.  

The video for ‘We Are Bacteria Sent Out Into Space’ features subtitles for the barely decipherable, heavily vocoded lyrics evoking the theme of humanity as bacteria engulfing its host, which by now has spread to an interplanetary and interstellar level. Inspired by the work of friend and academic Rory Rowan and what Smith calls the “visual version of punk music” aesthetic of David OReilly, the video was produced with realtime rendering using Derivative’s Touchdesigner software to create a birds eye view of near-future mining site viewed via tech from light years away.**

Arad’s The Glimpse EP was released via UAE’s Bedouin Records on March 1, 2018.