WULFFLUW XCIV’s We Are All From The Earth reaches out from Russia’s Ural Mountains in a call to set aside our differences

, 13 April 2018

WULFFLUW XCIV‘s We Are All From The Earth album is being self-released on April 22, with a preview of ‘ETNO’ premiering on AQNB today. Just recently dropping ‘Cachaos’ with Houston-based duo Santa Muerte, the Russian producer, based in Perm near the Ural Mountains, has reached out to the online to put together an impressive line up of yet-to-be-announced international artists, including Tokyo-based collaborator Yoshitaka Hikawa here.

Set to release on Earth Day, and featuring artists from Russia, Slovakia, Portugal, UK, USA and Japan, the album comes as a sort of tribute to the global networks a 23-year-old WULFFLUW XCIV has seen as an escape from his relative isolation, creatively, on the banks of the Kama river. “Being in touch with a whole world, talking with different people from different cultures,” he writes via email, “It’s amazing that we’ve got such opportunity due to the internet and the same tastes and visions of life.” ‘ETNO feat. Yoshitaka Hikawa’ itself features layered electric guitars being processed through echo and distortion to produce a crackling build-up that ends in noise. Its long-distance production speaks to WULFFLUW XCIV’s call to set aside our differences: “There are no nationalities, countries, policy. We are all from the Earth.”** 

WULFFLUW XCIV‘s We Are All From The Earth is self-released on April 22, 2018.