Saint Abdullah premiere ‘Children At War’ for their album dedicated to the next generation of Muslim kids feeling sad, frightened + angry

, 4 April 2018

Saint Abdullah‘s Stars Have Eyes album is out on New York’s PTP Recordings on April 6, with a preview of track ‘Children At War’ premiering on AQNB today.  The record by Iranian-Canadian brothers, Mohammad and Mehdi, is composed of field recordings from the streets of Tehran, submerged in the sound bytes and music samples of a contemporary sonic “dreadscape.”

Featuring five tracks with titles like ‘hy.poc.risy’ and ‘i’m sad, i’m frightened, i’m angry,’ Stars Have Eyes observes the duo’s role as self-identified “cultural translators” in epic dub and noise that weaves together mediated Western stereotypes of Muslims with Islamic a capellas and Middle Eastern rhythms. Meanwhile, the spiralling clatter of ‘Children At War”s hand drums and tambourines tap and ricochet against the crackling radio signals and the deadly shots of machine guns in conflict.**

Saint Abdullah’s Stars Have Eyes album is out New York’s PTP Recordings on April 6, 2018.