All that is solid: Polido presents a non-linear model of an object’s physical continuity in the suspended minerals of ‘Trait’

, 22 March 2018

Polido premieres a video collaboration with Portugese artist Diogo Tudela for the ‘Trait’ track from his latest album, Time Is When, via AQNB today. The co-release, by Chicago-based label Lynn and the Berlin-based producer’s own Boyce Hatti, features 14 tracks fusing recorded instrumentals fed and filtered through the simulated moods and emotions of ambient reverb and distortion.

Similarly, the video for ‘Trait’ by Tudela features footage of solid sulfur, pyrite, azurite and quartz, processed through time displacement, promoting “a procedural defilement of these solids due to the manipulation of a video frame’s typical planar temporal–topology. Fractured depictions of minerals produced by the extrusion of a gaussian–tessellation across the fourth dimension, resulting in the corruption of the objects’ physical continuity, while rendering a non-linear model of its performance (time).” There’s a diagram on Tudela’s website showing how a slit-scan code interacts with and disorts the moving image.**

Polido is performing alongside Lolina at Berlin’s arkaoda on March 22, 2018.