I am – a script by Gaby Sahhar exploring identity formation in the gentrified spaces of London

, 21 March 2018


Let I show you

I can divide

Gaby Sahhar, The Disappearance of Gaby Sahhar (2017), video still. Courtesy the artist.

I am here

I designed I

I know well

If i took I

And became I And turned I into I who would I be

I disappeared Because my I was taken from me.

I became the instigator in my I. viewing other I taking my I telling me how to bevhour with I

I feel like I have dissapeared into other forms of I .witch my I is not there I

I am a viewer an outsider to there I.

Gaby Sahhar, The Disappearance of Gaby Sahhar (2017), promotional still. Courtesy the artist.

I body Is small, skinny, , I is masc and built, I has a £120 a month gym memebrship and I is full of protien shakes, I is a musule make gym obsseror, chaartaar impersonator

I is big and lives in a big house to cater to I family needs. I has a car to transport I to anywhere he please

I lhas 0.2 percent fat

I is regareded an indiviusal but is i really alone

I has friends who all look the same, do the same thing, behave the same. I abuses his finscal privilage as of the expenese others

Let I make your sentences feel, touch, imagine again , become what I see I read and see. I am human

I has access to a different lifestyle then I, I see I in the supermarket Ils i do not go to everyday at 7pm.

I is the I who does not integrate, who pushes in front of other I in every way I fuels a other I and leads I in a direction. I smell his sent
I is healthy, strong, perfect to other I know it
I is on a no carb diet and a new ciztien to london

I uses his body as a tool to obstruct and use. I have agenda

I observe i become

I coffie I serve I am I feel I drink I am the caffine in I drink at lunch time

Gaby Sahhar, The Disappearance of Gaby Sahhar (2017), video still. Courtesy the artist.

An I cafe opened in London today. Taking over, breathing over, consuming over other I, telling I how to live Life to imagine like an I

I eat the I food and it makes I sick of I. I eat because I am an I. Let I show you again.
Let the other I overlap and redender I
Filtering environments and sorting the I from the I

I watch as I eats avocdoa on toast with eggs and oinions every morning as another I around the world become little I

I has in extensie in gentriyed space,

I claims to breaths art in a very I type of way. I disreagards other art forms till I benfits I self

I claim to be liberal,

I has curated his life

I knows people I is a esculsive narrow network but I is not

I lives comfortably and can afford life
I enjoys sampling, taking, disreagarding, missuseing culture,

I takes up space where there is no space and has no worries, I life is set in stone and nothing can go wrong.

The gallery supports I and I supports them

Gaby Sahhar, The Disappearance of Gaby Sahhar (2017), video still. Courtesy the artist.

I eat dinner with a glass of wine. I gets invited, I parsipated. I uploaded

I is everyday, all around , in I face. I orders the same food I same lifestyle I owns a house I moves in and I takes

I doesnt say hello and does not communicate with I in a productive way. I enjoys Overconsumption and overproduction to cater for I need as Other I become it.

I work for the machine. I is trained by the system that benfits I everyday. I and luxary apartments i see and touch but I am not i.
I lives in a ergonmic asethic
I doesnt care about other I but I

I enjoyes the breeze running through I hair from the 60th floor

I watch as I changed environments to produce more I for I enviroment. Only for I

I is the same as the other I in the street I am a whitness to the I in life walking on top of I in shops,

Gaby Sahhar, The Disappearance of Gaby Sahhar (2017), promotional still. Courtesy the artist.

I is in instinct but not a brain. I is a powerless body in control

I is the voice , The site, The tayste I exprinces from another I body in control.

I works but does not see I is not value to other I vaule

I is cousoins about image and tayse, I is a tayste of somehting else

I is lving but not alive, I is an image of other I around the country. I ripples and replles other syndicates worldwide

I is the who you exprince but do not talk to. You see I
I is the crabapples amoungst a group of apples yet still sweet to the touch and tayste. I remember moving here
I remember buying a house here
I remember copying myself here
I am the £200 loafers I where step by step to I next location on the high street
I am the the nameless, brandless bar i got to drink and join other I like I for I
I want to be more then human in every way possiple and i want other I to know about I I am praying, I am huntiing, I am trying, I am i
I drink craft in house beers and yales to accompany I
Look at me I see me I feel me I judge me

I am chatting you up I am makeing a move on you regardless if you want I, I has no respect.

I bar hop from un safe space to un safe space and join other I in my practise of becoming and absorbing

I knows i am watching and teasing

I am in search of other I in this venue. This dark space where real I use to work and live have disappeared now. More I for me to eat and drink

Gaby Sahhar, The Disappearance of Gaby Sahhar (2017), promotional still. Courtesy the artist.

I am above I yet below I at the same time

I have a life

I go to a railway arch every friday night to eat and drink with I

I am drunk for I but not with I

I walk, I trip I am a fit and healthy I ready for what is to come

I eat chicken and chips, I discard my wayste in the right way

I throw my rubbish on the floor for I to pick up after me. To let I know I have been here.

Watch me in this venue. I dance to blur my senses. This venue is a space for I

Gaby Sahhar, The Disappearance of Gaby Sahhar (2017), video still. Courtesy the artist.

I buy drinks with mum and dads money from home witch they send to I via wireless paypall transcation

I buy my life ready made
I am the privledged I am the many i am the few

I cannot see sometimes. I am blinded by my environment. My neighbourhood is now perfect and shiny

I enjoy space around me and in my home life

I and I get drunkt togher. I and I are the same people
I have the perfect girl friend at home, do you want to see a picture of her. I is warrped yet I is the reality of today
I ofcourse can see you but I does not use I eye lids

Gaby Sahhar is a Palestinian-French artist from South London whose autobiographical works explore identity in relation to gender and through the LGBTQI+ Artist Creative Support network, Queerdirect, the detrimental effects of gentrification in London on LGBTQI+ spaces.

Sahhar will perform, ‘Networking: An Evening with Queerdirect’ at Somerset House on March 22, 2018.