Watch Hard to Read’s ‘Lovelace’ lit event via live stream, celebrating the past, present & future of women & the Internet

, 16 March 2018

The next Hard to Read lit series ‘Lovelace’ event is on at Los Angeles’ Navel tonight, with a live stream through AQNB, starting at 8:15pm PST, below.

Organized and hosted by Fiona Alison Duncan, the event features Claire L. Evans, who will be joined by artists, writers, and programmers Alice Barker, Jennifer Moon, Martine Syms, Mandy Harris Williams, and Lauren McCarthy. It is the second of two from the series of original readings and screenings celebrating the past, present, and future of women and the Internet, in conjunction with the release of Evan’s new book Broad Band: The Untold Story Of The Women Who Made The Internet

The first event at New York’s Bridget Donahue last week featured McKenzie Wark reading on Kathy Acker and cyberfeminism, Allison Parrish on computer-programmed poetry, and Mimi Onuoha on algorithms. Evans took from her historical non-fiction, while Sougwen Chung shared goth screenshots, Alexandra Marzella mused on her sexualized coming of age online, and Jacky Connolly screened a Sims-filmed movie called Anhedonia.**

Hard to Read is hosting the next ‘Lovelace’ event at Los Angeles’ Navel on March 16, 2018.