New York’s UNSEELIE presents their debut release by the numerically-named 7038634357 with No Hate Is A Cold Star

, 16 March 2018

7038634357 (aka Neo Gibson) drops a short EP No Hate Is A Cold Star via New York’s UNSEELIE today, with an exclusive stream on AQNB. The release is a first from the collective founded by fellow producers Dasychira, QUALIATIK and Sentinel, with multimedia artist Kodi Fabricant, which “seeks to create a transformative and liberating space” across creative disciplines.

The three tracks by New York-based artist Gibson include ‘No Hate Is A Cold Star’ and ‘Disssipate,’ with an edit of the title track by Melbourne-based producer and fellow Genome6.66Mbp label-mate WA?STE. In the original, droplets of glimmering synths and cosmic organ melodies breeze through the soft spray of white noise and fluttering samples; underneath, there’s the breathy whisper of the words “… this is where it started.”**

7038634357’s No Hate Is A Cold Star short EP is out via New York’s UNSEELIE on March 16, 2018.