N K L OW endures the pleasure + pain of noisy sadomasochism in EP The Magnificent Arms Of Skingod

, 16 March 2018

N K L OW drops debut EP The Magnificent Arms Of Skingod via Warsaw’s Intruder Alert today, with an exclusive stream on AQNB. The release comes on the Polish label, club night and music collective focusing on new experimental music and follows February’s video for ‘Needle And Go Back To It’s Kennel.’

A slow burn with little release, the record reflects the sadomasochistic drive of its cover art — an image by Polish photographer Lola Banet of Tokyo-based model Kotoha, wearing bondage by Leigh Leh Lee and creative direction from Rebecca U. The outcome is 25-minutes of screeching distortion-as-catharsis delivered in five parts: where the line between pleasure and pain is blurred in slow, deliberate motion.**

N K L OW’s The Magnificent Arms Of Skingod EP is out via Warsaw’s Intruder Alert on March 16, 2018.