Distortion + demonology in the extreme electronica of Daniel Ruane’s ‘Abyzou’ from the Twitch EP out on Infinite Machine

, 2 March 2018

Daniel Ruane is releasing EP Twitch via Montreal/Mexico City’s Infinite Machine label on March 30, with a preview of opener ‘Abyzou’ premiering on AQNB today.

Lumped in with the burgeoning ‘deconstructed techno’ scene of dilettante online artists, the Manchester producer draws as much from the contemporary hi-tech noise of the internet underground as turn-of-the-millennium breakcore artists like Venetian Snares, Xanopticon and Keith Fullerton Whitman. Ruane dropped debut album The Interpreter via The Silent Howl in 2016, as well as a 12-inch with Smog last year. Twitch, meanwhile, makes reference to the female demon of European folkore in ‘Abyzou,’ where deep low-end and heavy distortion is pounded in a chasm of crisp cuts and kicks.** 

Daniel Ruane’s Twitch EP is out via Montreal/Mexico City’s Infinite Machine label on March 30, 2018.