What’s on? AQNB’s weekly list of events + openings around London, Feb 27 – Mar 5

, 27 February 2018

Every week we trawl through our emails so you don’t have to. Special shout out goes to Leicester’s Two Queens who will open their new show on 3 March with artist Claire Davies, The Valley of Lost Things alongside Liam Proudman in the project space



Going Turkish in Bethnal Green: UK premiere of Benim Varoş Hikayem’s My Suburban Story  @ The Hamlet’s Pop-Up Cinema in Oxford House on 27 Feb

Service No 5,  a series of performances by Adam Linder at South London Gallery at selected dates from 28 Feb to 11 Mar

The Future is a Collective Project with Suzanne Treister at SPACE on 28 Feb

Novara IRL: MeToo, Now What? at CLF Art Cafe, Bussey Building on 28 Feb

VAT Notice 702: Works of Art with Frederique Pisuisse at changing room on 2 Mar

A Farewell to Progress talk with Rose-Anne Gush, Dorine van Meel, Naomi Tattum and Wail Qasim at South London Gallery on 2 Mar

Rye Wax presents DJ Haram (Discwoman) on 2 Mar

Cuntemporary presents, New Systems: queer and feminist curatorial practice roundtable at the Royal Academy of Arts on 3 Mar

PS/Y Projects: Fiona James and Jessica Wiesner, You Are That Technicality at Flat Time House on 3 Mar

No Symbols #11 w/ LG vs Covco, TSVI vs Wallwork, Beneath and Chloe Frieda at Ormside Projects on 3 Mar

Tenderpixel present, 3049 Clubnight with Scratcha DVA, Logos, Cõvco, patten and Moonbow (SIREN DJs) at Five Miles on 4 Mar



Rob Chavasse, The gallerist at The Sunday Painter, opening 1 Mar and running to 29 Mar

Sophia al-maria, ilysm at Project Native Informant, opening on 1 Mar and running to 21 Apr

Gaby Sahhar and Rosie Grace Ward, Totally Different Animals at Arcadia Missa. opening 2 Mar and running to 29 Mar

Ian Cheng and Sondra Perry at Serpentine Galleries, opening 5 Mar and running to 3 Jun. 


How to be human: Creamcake’s 3hd Festival launches its ‘Fluid Wor(l)ds’ program around storytelling by writing their own history

22 October 2019

Get Low (Real Deep): The underground networks of Vancouver’s New Forms Festival explored at their historical roots

Isabelle Harada and Matt Dell, Monday

Examining branding & capital through the poetry of the bootleg at the Night Market Vol. 1 group exhibition


A look at online identity formation & social interaction with the [UNSUBSCRIBE] group show at Miami’s Supplement Projects


Lachrin presents one of six less-than-happy endings in the off-key strings & thunderous drone of ‘I XVIII X I III’ from Críoch

aqnb, Friday

Bby Eco has the environment on the brain with this otherworldly sound of the Earth if it were synthesised into a soundtrack

aqnb, Thursday

The future sound of the search: Talking algorithms, pop music & TikTok virality with producer umru ahead of 3hd 2019

15 October 2019

Natlek’s left field techno on ‘Little Place’ gets a wonky remix with a hang drum groove from NAAFI affiliate Siete Catorce

aqnb, 11 October 2019

J Sliwa’s europop & gothic dance excursions soar through the melancholy dream trance of ‘Maternal Immortality’

8 October 2019

Playful imaginings in a cardboard box interior world for moving & shipping with the PRODUCT PLACEMENT group show

7 October 2019

Responding to contemporary crises through the matriarchal science fiction imaginings of Molly Surazhsky’s Mashacare exhibition

30 September 2019

Laza’s disturbed tech-noise EP is a deep dive into healing & discovery before running in the dark naked on ‘Correndo Nu Escuro’

aqnb, 27 September 2019

Felix Lee comes to terms with the dejection & burnout of the end of days with subterranean Kamixlo collaboration ‘Smoke’

aqnb, 24 September 2019

#Mindfulling in Eastern Finland: Some thoughts on a lab, an art festival & whether or not Yoko Ono invented C02 Minimalism

Kim Modig, 24 September 2019

Billy Bultheel & Alexander Iezzi create neo-baroque atmospheres in the choreographed, game-like environment of Shadow Hunter

23 September 2019