What’s on? AQNB’s weekly list of events + openings around London, Feb 21 – Feb 26

, 21 February 2018

Here’s what we have our eye on this week


Application deadline for the Jerwood/FVU Awards 2019: ‘Going, Gone’ by  11 Apr



Living Radically: Film screening and roundtable discussion at 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning on 22 Feb

Working Nights: Dr Chris Harvey and Caroline Heron  is the second event as part of Martin Kohout’s exhibition, Daylight Management at Auto Italia on 22 Feb

Pipe & Sons: A performance by Amelia Barratt at Assembly Point on 23 Feb

Uniqlo Tate Lates February 2018  on 23 Feb

South by South: Screening of Wùlu (2016)  at South London Gallery on 23 Feb

Mini Oramics: Live Graphic Scores at Camden Arts Centre on 24 Feb

MOON MUST ANIMAL FOOD performance by Jenny Moore at Sutton House on 24 Feb

Soundcheck USB at Ormside Projects on 24 Feb

Champagne Bar (line up inc. Soda Plains and Linda Lee) at The Alibi on 24 Feb

BermondZINES, a DIY zine festival from South-East London at DIY Space on 25 Feb

Ilona Sagar, Correspondence O: Panel Discussion w/Lisa Curtice, Owen Hatherley and Ilona Sagar at South London Gallery on 25 Feb



Erica Scourti, Spill Sections at StudioRCA on 22 Feb

Post-Soviet Visions: image and identity in the new Eastern Europe at Calvert 22  w/after party at ACE Hotel on 22 Feb

Ritual Technology: Evan Ifekoya discusses ritual practices, digital mediation & the human, while Most Dismal Swamp presents a mix evoking mysticism in our online age on AQNB’s Reversal Agents podcast for Rewire


Entering a dreamlike looking glass world of young Belarusians through the video & installation work of Jura Shust


Mori Mori withdraws into nature to examine ecology, temples, & the serene on ‘Healer’ for Neoplasm


Shushu invites User2222 for a piano rendition of her somber post-club pop ‘im not okay’ on Genome 6.66 Mbp

aqnb, Friday

Somatic memory & adolescent mementos in the mixed media sculpture & latex works of Sessa Englund

7 June 2021

Ash Koosha & Dalena Tran tell stories with poor image-making algorithms in their video ‘Incomplete’

4 June 2021

Digital Metallurgy: Corin fuses ancient mythology, sci-fi, & heritage on the thundering beat of ‘Ex Nilalang’

aqnb, 3 June 2021

Terms of Service: On algorithmic collapse & the culture of compliance enforced by covert shadow bans

Claudia Tilley, 3 June 2021

On Illness: Every Ocean Hughes talks queer death & care, while Clay AD reads from their biopolitical sci-fi novel on AQNB’s Reversal Agents podcast

2 June 2021

Community & culture wars in a retrospective on the queer post-punk performance art of Ron Athey

31 May 2021

Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus explore festivity & conspiracy on ‘Freefall’ for VIRTUALLYREALITYSS21: The Long Triumph

28 May 2021

Reaching Out of Habit: Dean Erdmann talks glass & sand, speed & acceleration, fragility & violence on AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast

26 May 2021

Zombies, horror & capitalism’s monstrosities in the sculptures & rarified materials of Sula Bermúdez-Silverman

24 May 2021

Dasychira, Yikii, & sentinel appear as Dasyikiinel on the dream-like ‘Mouse Cog’ for Imum Coeli’s Home A debut compilation

aqnb, 21 May 2021

Queer Temporalities: Jack Halberstam discusses forgetting, futurity & the figure of the zombie on AQNB’s Reversal Agents podcast for Rewire

19 May 2021