Gem Tree recycle’s L4-E’s garbage ahead of the New Zealand producer’s Future Phaze out on Eco Futurism Corporation

, 9 February 2018

L4-E is releasing album Future Phaze via Sydney’s Eco Futurism Corporation on February 17, with a preview of a track called ‘Bloodglow (Gem Tree Recycle),’ premiering on AQNB today. The piece remixes the mechanical and ecological beats of L4-E’s ‘garbage theory’ into Gem Tree‘s chaotic crush of offbeat rhythms.  

Much like the Eco Futurism Corporation label’s own positive post-apocalypse, ‘Bloodglow’ follows a 13 track listing — including other remixes by tropical interface and HERBARIUM — with titles like ‘Hybridity,’ ‘Helium Reactor’ and ‘Winter Orbit.’ According to the lore of the album, this ‘pre-future’ present has re-established communication between earth and extraterrestrials and “humanity is deemed to have reached an adequate level of conscious development owed to the construction of nature-integrated arcologies.”**

L4-E’s Future Phaze album is out via Sydney’s Eco Futurism Corporation February 17, 2018.