R.I.P.: Dis Fig is resting in Tianzhuo Chen’s bloodbath with partial score ‘Excerpt From An Atypical Brain Damage’

, 1 February 2018

Dis Fig‘s ‘Excerpt From An Atypical Brain Damage’ track is out via New York’s PTP Recordings, premiering today on AQNB. The 13-minute composition comes from the 90-minute performance piece by Tianzhuo Chen, which is in turn inspired by the avant-garde fiction of writer Can Xue.

The track deals brilliantly with dynamic and build up, carrying the Berlin-based producer’s grime, techno, R&B and hardcore hybrid sound into a vivid sonic portrayal of a cinematic climax, where, as Chinese-American Dis Fig describes, “a psychological twist turns into a violent murder scene. The main character sings a final love song to her husband before she slaughters him, over and over again, until he is finally destroyed and her mind can rest in the bloodbath.” 

The production here languors in this tension, afflicted howls and rattles feed into pounding, growling aggression before finally being released into the bacchanalian trance of a bad deed done. Building on Tianzhuo’s chimerical world of “techno culture, queer aesthetics, and social media horror stories,” the music reflects the existential struggle that the performance conveys.**

Dis Fig’s ‘Excerpt From An Atypical Brain Damage’ composition is out via New York’s PTP Recordings on February 1, 2018.

You can buy it on the PTP Bandcamp here