100% Silk shares Maria Minerva’s new wave synth-pop for the LA-based artist’s contribution to Silk To Dry The Tears

, 19 January 2018

The Silk To Dry The Tears compilation is out via LA’s 100% Silk on February 9, 2018, here sharing a track by Calabasas-based artist Maria Minerva on AQNB.

Available as a download and an almost sold-out double-cassette release, with artwork by Not Not Fun co-founder Britt Brown, the record features 31 artists from the global underground music network mourning the 2016 Oakland warehouse fire that claimed 36 lives, including two 100% Silk artists, Cherushii and Nackt

Contributors, including Akasha System, Lunate, Octo Octa, Magic Touch, Romy, Pharaohs and Golden Teacher, come from around the country and the world — Los Angeles, Portland, Washington, San Francisco; Tokyo, Dublin, Bogota, Malta, Amsterdam, Santiago, Paris — and offer a downbeat and delicate rendition of house, techno, acid. Tallinn-born Maria Minerva, meanwhile, echoes the new wave of the likes of Scritti Politti in ‘Losing You,’ which inexplicably achieves an element of pathos through the historically emotionless reputation of synth-pop.

In an effort to protect the independent space and culture of the San Francisco Bay Area in the aftermath of the Ghost Ship tragedy, 50 per cent of sales will be donated to the Safer DIY Spaces initiative, dedicated to offering confidential guidance, financial assistance, and labor to San Francisco Bay Area venues, helping them to keep active and up to code.**

The Silk To Dry The Tears compilation is out via LA’s 100% Silk on February 9, 2018.