Still life + rites of passage in dialogue with broken promises for Noëmi Merca + Bobby Jewell’s Pinky-Swear mix

, 5 January 2018

Released in conjunction with Noëmi Merca‘s Pinky-Swear solo exhibition on at Tallinn’s EKA Galerii, running December 8 to January 13, the French artist shares a mix of the same name via AQNB today, January 5

The 30-minute piece is produced in partnership with Bobby Jewell and takes the show’s soundtrack ‘Me Lumen, Vos Umbra Regit’ — composed by Merca and Estonian producer Shift Tides (with a special contribution by Tatiana Karl Pez) — as a starting point. It combines original ambient material and field recordings, classical and modern music, as well as found ‘winter sounds’ blended in turn by each participant. 

The piece is the third collaborative mix by Merca and Jewell, following on from the previous voiceless in the presence of realities‘ and ‘The Golden Seed.’ It draws on the Pinky-Swear exhibition’s themes of still life and rites of passage, presented in dialogue with a disembodied voice where Merca’s personal thoughts and experiences of “heartbreaks and broken promises in friendship” unfold through a four-channel sound piece, light and sculptural elements.**

Noëmi Merca’s Pinky-Swear solo exhibition is on Tallinn’s EKA Galerii, running December 8 to January 13, 2018.