Welcome to the party zone: An aggressive rave into a media blackout + aesthetic apocalypse with HDMIRROR’s ‘REVERSAL’

, 15 December 2017

HDMIRROR announces upcoming album ANTHEMS, out via Prague’s Genot Centre on December 28, with a music video for lead single ‘REVERSAL,’ premiering on AQNB today. Released on cassette as a collection of hard-style tracks, the record is described as “an out-of-control maximalist infusion of dancefloor climax techniques.”

For ‘REVERSAL,’ the Berlin-based South African producer distills a series of mutated samples and manipulations through repeated drops and buildups simulating the violence of information overload. Performing CTM 2018, HDMIRROR’s video follows the German festival’s core theme of ‘Turmoil,’ where rave footage and flashing imagery emerges in an assault of coded symbols and commercial logos to the beat of total chaos.

The video comes with a strobe warning.**

HDMIRROR’s ANTHEMS album is out via Prague’s Genot Centre on December 28, 2017.