Old cars, future dystopias + no expectations from Moa Pillar + Zurkas Tepla’s respective releases on Moscow’s Full of Nothing

, 17 November 2017

Karelia-founded and now, according to Ivan Zoloto, “absolutely dislocated” Full of Nothing is releasing two so-called ‘sister albums,’ premiered and streaming exclusively on AQNB today.

Borrowing its title from the Russian label’s own motto, Moa Pillar‘s No Expectations is the second album by the producer also known as Fedor Pereverzev this year. The first one, called Hymns came out on vinyl in the summer, taking his maximalist sound to its psychedelic extreme: endless intros, hazy interludes and fever dreams. On No Expectations, however, Pereverzev balances it all out with short, direct dance floor ready tracks with a firm touch of romanticism and weirdness.

Zurkas Tepla, on the other hand, is new to the label. The mysterious Muscovite prefers not to share his photo online and uses a fake Lithuanian name for a moniker. He’s turned some heads with concept pieces Bank Robber and In The Same Car, released on Forest Swords’ Dense Truth. Tepla’s music is inspired by paranoia and a strange affection for rats and vehicles from 90s Russia. His records are often accompanied by written plays or visuals. Aptly-titled Permanent Research, this is Tepla’s first fully-fledged long-player, inviting the listener into the artist’s ‘meta-political post-digital dystopia.’**

Moa Pillar’s No Expectations and Zurkas Tepla’s Permanent Research albums are released via Moscow’s Full of Nothing on November 17, 2017.